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Welcome to Artep Heart. Home of exclusive works of art, where I create unique pieces that reflect a passion for art, wine and a unique lifestyle.

My story started with one big dream. I dream of creating works of art that are more than decorative. I wanted to create works that have a soul, tell a story and at the same time are an exceptional element of any interior.

My artworks are real gems. In the base, teak wood is most often used, and the main role is played by energetic investment minerals, which are complemented by hand forging.

I also approach those interested in my artworks with respect and dignity. They are as unique to me as the works themselves. They are collectors who want to have something rare, luxurious and unique for their home or office. They are people who create their own wine and want to have a unique and attractive stand for it. They are people who want to leave behind a tangible legacy that reflects their taste and status.

If you choose any of my artworks, believe that it is not only about beauty, but mainly about emotions, feelings, love and passion.

Artep Heart is where art meets passion.


Petra Hánová
Masarykova 81 
Hluboká nad Vltavou 
IČO: 69668574
DIČ: 7462314618 
Email: petra.hanova
Phone: 608 883 671

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